The Routine

At the beginning of a session we will have large group circle time where the children can tell us any news.  The register is taken, we then have small group time , and free play. The activities and equipment on offer is as follow: small world toys, construction, jigsaws, free painting, role play, play dough, sand, water, music, book corner, home corner and free flow indoors and outdoors. Outdoors the children have access to the same as indoors and a variety of bicycles, pushchairs, scooters, balancing equipment, balls & hoops and large apparatus.

During the morning/afternoon session we will have small group story time and at the end of each session we will have tidy up time and a large group activity.

Among other activities we provide are ring games, Simon says, discussion time, creative , baking and developing children’s interests. We also acknowledge the different festivals throughout the year.

The baby room will be made warm and welcoming with comfortable mats and cushions. The babies will play and explore natural objects and materials rich in sensory appeal e.g. treasure baskets. They will have plenty of space to explore and will be able to access it independently.

Magical Moments at Lincoln

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